About Us

We believe that Asian Dookans (shops) have always been at the heart of Asian communities, serving customers who rely on businesses, like yours, to offer essential and delightful Asian produce that sustains them, meets the needs of their taste buds and provides a priceless reminder of home!

The founders, Kunal and Dev, started Dookan with a purpose to make Asian shopping safe and fast. Smartphones have given us all convenience. And all of your customers have instant online access to the big supermarkets at their fingertips. These supermarkets continually expand their Asian product range, whilst there is no option for customers to digitally order from their local Asian shops. Local businesses that offer their own digital service often find it difficult to promote and drive traffic to them. And they soon become obsolete. Without customers being able to find and order from your business online, their only option, during a pandemic and amongst concerns of social distancing, is to risk their health and safety whilst shopping around for essentials. 

We knew there had to be a better way; a safer and faster way. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to work with Asian shops and help them stay and thrive at the heart of the Asian communities they serve. Along the way, we’ve spoken to 100s of Asian businesses in north west London and build Dookan; the digital click and collect service for your shop to increase sales, reach more customers and drive your business further. 

We need your support to help us launch Dookan in 2020, get more information here or list your shop on Dookan now:

Kunal Karadia
Founder at Dookan